*If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please send me a message under the Contact tab above.*

I have worked with many clients in the last 25 years on pieces for their homes and offices, and thus references are readily available upon request. I take great joy in creating something that a person or family can connect with on a personal level.

Most often, someone who is purchasing art makes a connection with the piece based on what they see already completed, what appeals to them, what they find soothing or thought-provoking or interesting. A connection is made viscerally.  But a commissioned piece is one where the buyer must trust the artist to create something for them that they might take enjoyment from without knowing what it will look like before they take the piece home.

Please allow six months for completion. It is understood that if there are items that you'd like included they must be delivered at the beginning of the process and I reserve the right to choose which items work with the piece, as well as their placement.  

During the initial process of creating a piece, I might ask the following questions:

*Would you like to incorporate any specific dates, places, words, numbers, letters, initials, quotes or names in your piece?

*Would you like to provide me with any items you'd like included in the piece (perhaps a wine label, a name tag, a metro card, crossword puzzles, an airline ticket, a key, a stamp, a postcard, a photo)?

*What is the light like in the space? Is there a specific color you'd like incorporated in the piece? One client wanted to imitate the copper color on spires outside an adjoining window, another wanted specific words incorporated into the wax in a particular shade.

*What size piece are you looking for? Do you prefer paper, canvas, or board?

*Do you have a preference for what materials are used? I work in mixed media (oil, acrylic, encaustic, ink, pastel, etc.), so let me know if you prefer to have one more than another.

Note: Wax (encaustic is a combination of bee's wax, resin, and pigment) may "bloom" some time (6 weeks, 6 months) after completion. It does not off-gas, but the wax may need to be buffed with a soft cloth. This will not affect the piece in any way. Encaustic pieces should not be placed directly in sunlight as the wax will soften at 110 degrees and melt at 115 degrees. If your home is closed for any period of time when it might reach those temperatures, please be aware that the art may well be altered by the temperature.