Maria Fernandez Gold

Born to a family of artists, I have been painting since the early 1990s. Surrounded by my parent's beautiful art as a child, I could not help but begin experimenting with brushes and paint. It is a perpetually unbelievable experience to take a blank canvas and make something come to life that is like no other thing before it.

Through the use of letters, numbers, and words, much of my work explores the marriage of language and art—a fixation that may well be a product of my early editing career, as well as my love of literature, poetry, history, and the New York Times. Other pieces are more political in nature, focusing on a moment of political importance or a political issue that I feel inspired to address in my work.

Over the years, I have also completed several dozen commissions. These pieces tend to be quite personal and I work with each client to carefully incorporate the ideas, words, and materials they find important for their piece. For more information about this work, please see the tab labeled Commissions above.

My studio is located in Washington, DC, where I am afforded the luxury of experimenting with new ideas with my city moving just outside my large windows. This space is open to visitors by appointment only.